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Quote "Be Active In Creating the World you want"

May left me rapidly but April 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi advice may help you ease into June. My Hoda Kotb #IReallyNeededThisToday project has caused me to daily reflect and wonder more about the world around me. In our world today we have covid and unrest adding to our daily lives, as Funny Girl says, “Its about to get real.”

Despite the uncertainly happening outside our door, we have to deal with what we may control. Of course at times, that seems like precious little. We must avoid the carousel of stress. Otherwise, we will not be able to focus on answers to the problems that will arrive uninvited.

Zuri Fest Zurich Quote "Avoid the carousel of stress." April 2020 Hoda Wan Kenobi www.diningwithmimi.com
Stress is unhealthy and creates other health issues.

We must answer with courage.

Along with stress when fear knocks we must answer with courage. We never know when we will be in a situation that requires us to stand up for what is right. Imagine the ills of the world that could be prevented if more people would stand together peacefully to stop hate.

We are so busy identifying why we are different that we lose sight of what we have in common. Procrastination is a barrier to peace. Stamping out hate and evil starts with each of us in our home, neighborhoods, schools and cities. My review of April 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi reminded me of a couple of things. You may be wondering, how may I help?

Quote- Procrastination is a barrier to peace. Monastery Engleberg Switzerland www.diningwithmimi.com

Especially today you may feel at a loss for how to help resolve the injustice of the worlds problems. Problems of the world almost sounds too big for anyone to even think about addressing. Yet, it should begin within our communities that we start to encourage and build a desirable world to leave all our families. Have faith the fog will clear so that you will see a path.

Quote Have faith the fog will clear so that you may see a path. April 2020 Hoda Wan Kenobi www.diningwithmimi.com

A path will always arrive for each of us to behave as we should. It may even arrive daily. More than likely it may even be subtle and something as simple as “calling out a bully.” An unknown Boston author wrote a statement that my Mom damn near wore out when I was growing up, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Quote for April 2020 Hoda Wan Kenobi, "Actions speak louder than words." www.diningwithmimi.com

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Words matter but actions give words power and residual benefits. It is one thing to say that you stand for a cause. Another level entirely when you put actions behind your words. It is hard to right a wrong if you become part of the problems instead of the solutions.

All of us live our own versions of wins, losses, heaven or hell. No one can look at a person and tell what path someone else has walked. When we see a person do we tend to look at the outer shell or even possessions? All of us are guilty of this at times. Does who you are or what you have define you as a person? What would you want someone to know about you that they may not see?

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None of us are too old to learn. My daughter pointed out a couple of videos of “real life situations from past” where women made false accusations against random strangers. In each of the cases, the situations were filmed by a cell phone and surveillance which helped to show what was actually occurring.

Photo Musician Andrew Duhon playing The Listening Zone on Blue Moon Farm at The Frog Pond
This is a great music venue to listen to songwriters weave their story.

Learning lessons from bad behaviors

From Cornerstore Caroline who falsely accused a young boy of groping her who only had the misfortune of walking innocently past her with a stuffed backpack. It would be nice if this was an isolated event but there is more from Permit Patty to Becky BBQ, Hotel Earl, Coupon Carl and so on.

Truly, the list probably goes on from there. If you have any interest in watching the videos, they are available on the internet.

Since when have to decided that “be our brothers keeper” meant to help the authorities police the BBQ grills in the park or check for permits of children selling water? When we contact the police or 911 with matters like this it prevents them from helping someone in real need. Why would anyone care who uses a BBQ grill anyway and be willing to devote a chunk of their day to it?

Quote "To find love you must give love." Mimi Woodham at Fort Gaines Dauphin Island

Movies, morals and more

Where does this bad behavior or sense of entitlement come from? Who knows but maybe they need a quick review of Bible’s Moses and the 10 commandments? In 1956, Cecille B Demille created an epic movie which is shown every year around Easter. As a young girl, I remember being enthralled with the movie, story line, geography and visual effects.

Charleston Heston was the good guy who played Moses leading the Isrealites through the wilderness for forty years on a quest for the Promised Land. Of course, the bad guy was Pharaoh Rames who was played by Yul Brynner. As a young girl I remember how captivated I was by the difference in these two men within this story and the struggle between right and wrong.

Yet, I also remember Yul as the strong bald guy rocking a side pony with full pouty lips and being sexy even though he ordered up the plagues. I won’t ruin the story for you but the 10 Commandments are created in this movie. It is only 10 statements but they cover a lot of territory and apply to so many things.

Quote "Music touches our hearts and memories in away that feeds our soul" Mimi Woodham Photo Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood
This band sings of love and brotherhood

From the 10 commandments to the Golden Rule, we must find a way to live together peacefully within our communities. Clearly I don’t have all the answers because I too am still learning. Music is one tool that has for years pulled us together even though we have differences.

Despite how different we may seem, we will find a way to live together in harmony. April 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi has given me plenty of things to think about that have been useful to me. I hope that you are able to take away something of value from my reflections and become “one with the force.”

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