Joined Pensters Writing Group

Recently, I attended my first meeting. I joined Pensters Writing Group.  I had no idea about what to expect from a  writing group.  Plenty of questions filled my head about ramifications of joining. My goal included improving writing skills and increasing quality of content on web site. Of course, I had a ton of questions about the writing group. Continue reading “Joined Pensters Writing Group”

Anniversary Tasting Event Winner

Guess who’s coming to  dinner? This weekend was time to select the Anniversary Tasting Event winner for the Dining With Mimi drawing.  At my Anniversary Tasting Event, lots of people signed up as followers to receive updates on the site. If you missed signing up earlier, please do so now. Continue reading “Anniversary Tasting Event Winner”

First Year Blogging Anniversary Tasting Event

My first year blogging Anniversary Tasting Event ended with a celebratory cocktail with friends. Most things should end with a celebratory cocktail with friends, maybe the world would be a nicer place.  Of course, Tasting Event was held in my favorite independent bookstore Page and Palette in the coffee shop appropriately named Latte Da. Continue reading “First Year Blogging Anniversary Tasting Event”

Celebrate First Year Blog Anniversary

Celebrate first year blog anniversary! What? Has it been a year? It is a milestone that makes me smile. Yay, I completed my one year goal for my web site, Dining With Mimi. Completing my goal at has been a labor a love and I am happy to share it with you. It all started with, Hello! Is there anyone in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Continue reading “Celebrate First Year Blog Anniversary”