Dewberries “Favor The Brave”

Dewberries “favor the brave” and tips to forage. If you have tried to pick wild dewberries or blackberries you understand my meaning. We’re familiar with the expression “fortune favors the brave”, although we may have no clue who said it first. Eons ago, Publius Terentius Afer included a latin version of these words in a play.

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Loquats- Eat, Ferment,Freeze, Preserve, Steep and Share

This week in my spare time, (Ha) I am consumed up with a project. I am working (well not at the moment) on a speaking engagement for next week. Writing, practicing and tamping down all the nervous energy. As I have learned many times Mother Nature and her gifts from the garden wait for no woman. If you have it in your garden, you must deal with it as nature presents her gifts. Loquats- Eat, Ferment, Freeze, Preserve, Steep and share.

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My Fearless Sous Chef In Training

I love cooking and creating tasty treats to share with my loved ones. Although everyone knows that standing in a hot kitchen for hours is hard work. And that is before you start talking about cleaning up the mess. However, I love cooking with my fearless sous chef in training.  Every chef needs a sous chef and I am happy when I have one even though it’s for  a short time. Continue reading “My Fearless Sous Chef In Training”

Handy tip for preserving excess citrus fruit juice

If you have fruit trees or a garden at your home it is a blessing. I love the easy access of the fruit or vegetables. I know exactly how the growing soil was managed. I know that great care is involved to decrease the chemicals used on the property. All of this amounts to fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables. Continue reading “Handy tip for preserving excess citrus fruit juice”