“Can you make a snake Pancake?”

25 hours and 30 minutes with my two nephews have left me pondering all sorts of things. I am pretty sure that I have burned all sorts of calories running after a 3 and 6-year-old. The overnight at Mimi’s was a volunteer “gig” so that Mom and Dad could extend their long weekend. Memaw and I are doing a tag team to give a much-needed and well deserved break for their parents. Why a tag team? Well, Memaw and I are smarter than the average bear. We realize that “youngons” are for young-folk.  It takes the two of us to cover the weekend. I had to take vitamins to cover my time slot. We won’t discuss that I caved about 7pm last night and mixed a refreshing Moscow Mule. Continue reading ““Can you make a snake Pancake?””