Dewberries “Favor The Brave”

10 Tips to Forage wild berries

Dewberries “favor the brave” and tips to forage. If you have tried to pick wild dewberries or blackberries you understand my meaning. We’re familiar with the expression “fortune favors the brave”, although we may have no clue who said it first. Eons ago, Publius Terentius Afer included a latin version of these words in a play.

For all of the no-picking berry friends, you will need tips to forage. During this covid colored isolation torture chamber, even berry picking may now sound interesting. No point in all of us learning the hard way. Mind you, I am now several days into the berry picking season.

Southern Magnolias are in bloom for Dewberry Favors the Brave
Nature has its own renewal salve for our soul

Dewberries “Favor the Brave” and why?

Tips to forage for dewberries or blackberries would certainly have come in handy prior to my walk about with Mennu. At least more than once my brain sent me gentle warnings with a low to high volume. The warnings sounded like this:

Do you really want to put your hand in there to get that one berry?
I wonder what’s under all that brush, bramble and thorny stickers?
Are snakes out yet?

Are they as scared of me as I am scared of them?
Did I make enough noise to scare the snakes away?
Would a pistol be overkill in my basket?
If I use my basket handle to lean on to reach the best berry ever, will it hold me up?
If I am close to the house picking berries does my danger lessen?

Berry Picking Side Effects

Meanwhile lots and lots of berries later, fast forward to last night, what now? I realized that I had a problem. Besides the briar patch scratches that I was sporting, my arm and hands had a rash with tiny red bumps. Oh no, what the heck?

Dewberries Favor the Brave and 10 Tips to Forage wild berries
Pick em if you got em

More than once during my social outing, (Mennu and I) I thought long sleeves would have been a great idea. I showed my war wounds to Grill Man, “Is it poison ivy or poison oak?” Since the itching or blisters had not started yet, he thought that I might live.

Dewberries favor the Brave with  Garden Berry Mint Cocktail

What blisters? Yikes, I immediately retrieved my lavender essential oil and mixed it with olive oil to soothe my dewberry war wounds. Lavender essential oil is good for irritated skin and bites. Would this be my last berry trip?

Especially, if anyone wanted to see a dewberry again in my house, it better not be poison anything. Dewberries favor the brave but when it’s all said and done, a respite is next on the list. I love being outside with the warm sunshine and a April breeze blowing. Yet dewberry picking is hard work even if it delivers sweet rewards and exercise. Ideally, I knew there was a Garden Berry Mint Cocktail in my future.

What is Berry Yoga?

Hours later after the scary drama quieted and my basket had berries, I could also check off walking and berry yoga. I wonder if Fitbit has calories burned for berry yoga? Lots of bending, squatting, reaching, stretching and a sun salutation or two. It is just a fact that the sweetest, biggest berries create the biggest stretch.

Meanwhile as your stretching over the briar patch, remember that little creatures like to hid in dark places. So far, besides Mennu I had only encountered a turtle in my yard. Thankfully I saw it before it remotely came close to touching me. I am too blessed to be stressed and just thankful no snakes came out to greet me.

Pick berries along fence lines and around trees Dewberries favor the Brave

Of course, berries are worth the scratches, but if you follow my tips you may avoid all that unpleasantness.

Dewberries, blackberries or raspberries require patience and all the right tools.

10 Forage Tips for Berry Picking

  • Put on sun screen and bug spray
  • Wear long sleeves, jeans, and a hat.
  • Flip flops are cool but not for berry picking. Wear rubber boots or hightops.
  • Wear garden gloves
  • Grab a sturdy basket with handles berries.
  • Pack a water bottle.
  • Survey area before you reach down to pick.
  • Pay attention.
  • Pull the berry from the plant stem and add to basket.
  • Only pick the ripe berries.
  • End berry picking session with a berry-lish-ous cocktail.

Where to look for berries?

Luckily I have berries in my yard. Typically you may find berries located near the ground around trees, wooded areas or along fence lines. Despite the hard labor that picking becomes, I enjoy being outside.

Without a doubt, walking around with nature in bloom lowers my stress level. Picking berries is an adult version of a treasure hunt. This is a great field trip with children but not wee ones.

Even so, if you don’t have berries or fruit in your yard, visit a friend in the country. Check out the two organizations listed, they may assist depending on where you’re located. Each web site has a map so that you may zone in on your city and state.

Wishing on dandelions from my yard
I ran across this gift in my yard. I picked them all and made a 100 wishes. Guess what I wished for?

Guides for additional You-Pick Locations

Urban Falling Fruit Guide– Urban guide in “celebration of the overlooked culinary bounty of our city streets.”

Pick Your Own Farms Great location guide filled with lots of useful information. This would be a great field trip with children to teenagers of all ages. Everyone should understand the farm cycle and how important and valuable it is to our every day life. Plan a family day if this. Farms are probably open and you may be able to plan a field trip with social distancing.

Finally when berry picking is over you have a treat. Berries tempt your tastebuds in cobblers, bundt cakes, salads, smoothies or cocktails. La Revue Dining With Mimi 3 contains my latest Garden Berry Mint Cocktail. It’s berry-lish-ous! Enjoy and remember Dewberries “favor the brave.”

Say When Mobile Garden Berry Mint cocktail
A basket of berries make a lovely cocktail filled with vitamins.

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