Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid

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Love the weather this time of the year on the Gulf Coast. We are blessed with a beautiful day. It’s Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid. If the universe will work with my intentions covid should disappear soon. If all of us work together, maybe it will leave sooner.

New mantra, Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid

Truly, say it out loud or sing if you must, Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid. I am adding this to my “daily to do list”. What could it hurt? Everyone is ready to get back to their normal whatever that looks like. Even if that normal is imperfect and filled with frustrations of day to day.

If and when we are able to return to our “normal” I think that all of us will appreciate it more. Hopefully, we will remember some of our isolation covid realizations and move them forward in our every day.

It is shocking how quickly our freedoms and lives have been affected and impacted. Who really knows the extent of all this covid-ness? Will this be the last coronavirus that is sent our way? How may you protect your family when the next one comes?

Questions like these will make your hear start hurting but it is something to be mindful of. You may not control certain events but you may minimize their effects on you and yours. It would be lovely to think that this would never happen again but that would require a miracle.

New daily mantra,Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid, www.diningwithmimi.com

Clearly I am hoping for a miracle or a fancy light saber to zap it away. Until then, I have watermelon soaking in a bath of vodka. In a short time, Au Revoir Covid, Hello Summer Watermelon cocktails will be ready to share and celebrate.

Repeat after me, it’s happy Sunday, Au Revoir Covid!

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Stay safe,
Love from Mimi’s Kitchen

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4 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid”

  1. I hope I’m invited to share in the watermelon cocktails! That looks delicious! Love you 😘

    1. Of course, you’re at the top of my list! You are gonna love it! Love from Mimi’s Kitchen and porch which can’t wait to host you.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Stay safe. Do you have any ideas/tricks for how to manage the stress from this covid-ness?

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