March 2020 with Hoda wan Kenobi

March 2020 Hoda wan Kenobi Quotes I love

March 2020 with Hoda wan Kenobi has helped me with the mad winds of change in our covid colored daze. Regardless of your location, covid has weighed into your day. I Really Needed This Today is a lovely book from Hoda Kotb. How may it apply to your covid colored new world?

Covid is a word that I long to remove from my vocabulary and planet along with everyone else. How do we avoid the covid stress? It is tricky. Your geographic location may increase or decrease the amount of covidness in your world.

Quote- Breathe! Fine your inner peace.

Frankly it’s all too much and so not the 2020 that I had planned out. My heart goes out to everyone trying to deal with the covid reality of this situation. I remind myself that I an unable to control many things so I choose to focus on what I may.

The complexities of the pandemic and how it impacts your individual world may be as broad as “I don’t know anyone that has it” to “Everyone has it.” In addition to the loss of life and overall health aspect it has burdened the world. Also, our financial incomes have been hit hard whether it is a immediate effect or the delayed trauma that will come later.

Somehow, I believe, hope and pray that most of us will survive this pandemic. Some of us will weather the covid storm easier than others. The pollyanna in me wants the rays of sunshine to obliterate covid and send it packing. And I have an idea of where to send it.

Our perspective on covid is probably equal to the damage that it has incurred on our family, friends, income and business. We need to have patience because everyone is not dealing with the same circumstances. If you have extra share whether it’s toilet paper or plain ole kindness.

Quote- Release fears into the wind. (Live dangerously share a roll)

Remember to focus on helping small businesses that have been hit the hardest. Large corporations like Amazon make it easy for you to buy from them, but they have plenty of money. If you want to know how much, read this article. It will make you want to buy local.

Until our small shops, service companies, hair salons, spas, boutiques and restaurants weather the covid storm, only buy local. Hopefully the businesses that are closed will be allowed to open soon. We should spend our money helping small local businesses.

Many businesses have not been classed as essential and were forced to close or have operated with minimal sales. We must help them now or they will not survive. If you have the resources, buy items or gifts now don’t wait until Fall. Local shops have added online shopping. If you’re hesitant to go out, go “old school” and use the telelphone to make purchases.

Staying home is a safer option. Depending on your health or age, you may feel as though you will never leave your house again. If your struggling with the Shelter-in-Place or Stay-at-Home orders, you’re not alone. At a minimum go outside in your yard and look at natures beauty.

March 2020 Hoda wan Kenobi  quotes I love

Does this sound like you ?

Are you putting on makeup when you order groceries before the Insta-cart delivery person arrives?

Do you find yourself speaking to Alexa in order to select movies just so you can talk to someone?

How often do you ask Alexa random questions?

All of a sudden, doing yard work sounds like a special treat.

Walking around with your pet picking berries is a highlight of the day.

Fairhope  Alabama Tiki Beach, Let's Do Sunset

When you finally decide that you must go to the grocery store because only you know that you don’t want all 7 avocado’s ripe at the same time. (Unless of course it’s Cinco de Mayo and then you may)

You have said more than once, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

Within less than one week of home schooling your children, you think all teachers deserve a raise.

Within less than one week of home schooling your children, you wonder if the hospital gave you the wrong baby.

Quotes I love Our individual imperfections is what makes us perfectly unique.

The question, “What’s for dinner honey?” makes your eye twitch.

No matter how much wine you buy it never seems like enough.

Learning to cook with what you have is a skill.

Staying at home has made you realize what’s important.

Field of Red Tulips for Quote- Do your actions inspire others?

Ignoring your phone is now at the top of “the to do list.”

The idea of starting something new sounds really exciting.

Antique handwriting for Quote Examine your interests and find a way to turn it into a career. March 2020 Hoda wan Kenobi

Consistently everyone would love to ditch the word from our vocabulary, now. We must learn to adapt with this covid mess and find a way to function that does not destroy all that we have worked for. We need to celebrate life even if our party consists of only a couple of people or even alone. Find the blessings in your world.

Learning to adapt is a skill to survive. This must be applied at home, school, work or a business that you own. Thinking out of the box is a necessity in this covid colored haze. March 2020 Hoda wan Kenobi helped me focus on the positives. “May the force be with you “. Find your way to the positive and apply often.

Quotes I love for March 2020 Hoda wan Kenobi Focus your energy towards love.

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