Unprocessed Candied Jalapeno August Pears Broccoli Salad.
Fresh raw broccoli, pears, red onion and candied japapeno tossed in a creamy dressing filled with flavor and more.
Servings Prep Time
8-10Servings 30Minutes
Servings Prep Time
8-10Servings 30Minutes
  1. Wash broccoli well to remove any debris. On a cutting board using a knife cut just past flower head. Peel the stem and toss the peelings. Slice the stem into three pieces and then chop small. Cut 1/2 inch slices into broccoli flower head and then chop small. Add all to large mixing bowl.
  2. Cut peeled pears into 4 slices. Using a paring knife remove the core and toss. Chop pears until you have a small chop. Add the pears to the broccoli party.
  3. Add in red onion to the mixing bowl and stir well.
  4. Add in all the remaining ingredients and stir well. Cover the salad and allow to marinate a minimum of 4 hours. The flavors really start to meld together the longer they mingle.
  5. Lagniappe: In order to serve a large crowd, a food processor may be used to chop the vegetables. Be sure to put a small amount in the food processor and pulse in batches. Empty contents into bowl and repeat.
  6. Serving Suggestions- This recipe will serve well as a salad, side dish or snack.

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