If a Hungarian Goulash married a Gumbo

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Waste Not Want Not Series
Leftover: (3)  Grilled Pork Short Ribs

Fall is here! It says so on my calendar.  Not that I noticed today, in the 89 degree weather. Time for all the pumpkins to come out. Mums to be placed all about the porch or veranda. Time to spruce up the porch and outdoor area after a long hot summer. It is time to get serious and start enjoying our porches.

Porches and more
Porches and more

I would adjust to the summer ending if I could schedule a cold snap for long enough to say goodbye to the mosquito’s.  They’re the only thing that will come in between me and porch time. I am ready to snuggle up outside with a book in my hand for a quiet afternoon. An afternoon where I, might happen to leave my phone inside, for a “really long time”.


Or maybe plan to take a drive thru Sweet Home Alabama and follow the “Fall Color Trail“. Alabama is beautiful. The Alabama Official Tourism site provides detailed information to take advantage of the change of the season and timing. Check it out soon to take advantage of the peak season. “Alabama unfolds its patchwork quilt of color”, or so they say.

Nationally, Alabama gets such a bad rap, every time there is a major news event. The news media seem to seek out the most uneducated person that they may find. Who happens to be wearing, a “glamour don’t”. They typically film the segment standing in front of their old pickup with the confederate flag and a shotgun in the window.

The positive to our negative image is that “they”, don’t realize how great it is. Ssshhhh! Let’s keep it a secret. I don’t like traffic or over crowding. I don’t want everyone to live here. You can visit, but you must go home.

All this Fall talk, has me in the mood for a hot pot of soup. To continue my Waste Not, Want Not series, I looked through the freezer for my “leftover item”. I found short ribs and worked from that point to create my soup. Shout out to Alexa, for David Gilmour. I needed some wake me up music.

If a Hungarian Goulash married a Gumbo
Serves 4-6

1 3/4″ cup onions, chopped
1 cup bell pepper, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
2 Tablespoons garlic, minced
2 1/2 cups red potatoes,  medium dice
2 cups okra, sliced
1 cup carrots, peeled and sliced
1/2 cup vegetable oil (prefer bacon grease)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
6 cups chicken stock
15 oz tomato sauce
2 cups water
2 Teaspoons Hungarian Paprika
1 Teaspoon Thyme, fresh
1 Teaspoon Oregano, dried
1 Teaspoon Parsley, dried
1/2 Teaspoon salt
1/4 Teaspoon white pepper
1/4 Teaspoon Cayenne (use 1/8 if your skittish)
2 Bay leaves
3 Grilled Short Ribs, chopped
1 pound Spicy Sausage
Pepper grinder

The trinity
The trinity

Prepare all chopped vegetables and set aside. Place the chicken stock nearby the cook top for easy access. Turn the heat on medium for a 6 quart Dutch oven or skillet and heat the oil. Sprinkle in the flour and stir continuously, but slowly.

The early roux of oil and flour
The early roux of oil and flour

The colors will change from white to creamy beige, to rich caramel to a beautiful dark color. (not red and not brown) Stir continuously and the colors will change. If you keep stirring the roux will be fine. If you stop stirring, it will burn. As the colors start to change, you will notice the smell of the roux forming and it will smell toasty.

The junior roux
The junior roux

Once the reddish-brownish color is reached, toss in the trinity(celery, onions, bell pepper) and stir consistently. The color of the roux will become a chocolate color and thick.

The roux. I have learned to make my roux darker than this, but it takes practice.
The roux. I have learned to make my roux darker than this, but it takes practice.

Add the garlic, okra and cook for a few minutes. Add in the potatoes and carrots and stir well. Cook for couple of minutes stirring consistently.

Slowly pour in a cup of stock  and stir. Be mindful of the steam. Add in all stock a cup at a time. Start adding all spices,tomato sauce and water. Stir as needed.  Use the pepper mill and grind in several turns. Now the hard part is over.

While this is cooking, remove the fat from the short ribs. Cut ribs into small chopped pieces and toss into the pot. Stir as needed

Slice sausage and cook in a pan. Drain and toss sausage into the pot. Stir as needed. Cook on low.

At this point, everything needs to marry together well. This typically takes about 30 minutes. Please taste and adjust the salt, pepper and cayenne as needed for your family’s taste. While stirring as needed, you can clean up the kitchen. Or use a move my friend has “down pat”, let your finger direct someone to help clean the kitchen, while you stir. Pour yourself a glass of wine!


This recipe is well worth the effort. It will freeze well.

Lagniappe: Garnish each bowl with a sprinkle of green onions. Serve with hot bread, even if you can’t get a loaf of New Orleans French Bread.

Ready for butter and garlic
Ready for butter and garlic








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  1. The porch looks so inviting!!! I’d like a cup of soup and prop up my legs and enjoy the flowers and trees and birds, etc, etc.

    1. It is a nice place for a bowl of soup. If you don’t have a porch, set up a metal table outside under a tree. A tablecloth, couple of chairs, bottle of wine and your in business.

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