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Local Paddle Group is an idea that I should have had long ago. From the first time that I discovered the paddle board concept, I was intrigued with the idea.  Water, sun, fun, friends and exercise? From day one the need to paddle stayed with me until I eventually tried it.

Prior to stepping on a board, I watched a video online and read a couple of articles. Laird Hamilton is a rock star of water sports. Laird’s site offers great information for anyone interested in learning about SUP.

Located a spot to rent boards and managed to convince a couple of friends to join the maiden voyage. I fell head over heels in love with this sport from day one. Paddle boarding was an answer to a prayer.

Local Paddle Group www.diningwithmimi.com
Paddling in Gulf Shores
To paddle or not to paddle?
  1. Paddle- if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature
  2. Paddle- away and embrace freedom on the water
  3. Paddle- if you love being on the water
  4. Paddle- if you need to relieve stress
  5. Paddle- if you need to exercise or lose weight
  6. Paddle- for a fun activity to share with friends or family
  7. Paddle- if you want to meet people
  8. Paddle- into the sun and watch the sunset dip down
  9. Paddle- to relax and find your happy place
  10. Paddle- away from all technology
  11. Paddle- just because want to

In my early days of paddling, I tried to paddle when ever I could find the time. A few of my friends paddled with me occasionally.  Surprise filled me when I learned everyone does not love paddle boarding as much as I do. Clearly  I wanted to paddle. In a hurry, I needed to find other paddle boarders.

Paddleboarding in Destin New Fresh Potato Salad www.diningwithmimi.com
Paddleboard out in water with board edge view looking at people stuck on beach
Need a lesson so you may join Local Paddle Group?

Over a long period, I eventually found my way to like- minded paddlers, like John. John Manelos owns  Fairhope Paddleboard and provides lessons for anyone wanting to learn how to paddle. John is a cool guide and perfect person to introduce you to this sport.

I love the sport of paddle boarding. Once I purchased my board, I wanted to paddle as much as possible. The light bulb eventually lit and I posed the question on a local social media site. “Would anyone like to join a local paddle group?”  Delighted is the best way to describe the way I felt when I saw the amount of response this question posed.

I immediately set a date for our first paddle. Seven people showed up an hour before our Local Paddle Group paddle to take a lesson from John. All seven had never paddled before. No one fell in the water that day. Thankfully, the water was smooth like glass and certainly assisted their lesson.

Things to consider when paddling

Paddle boarding is dependent on the weather cooperating. Mother Nature has a schedule all of her choosing.  It is important to check the weather before a paddle and look at the radar for your area. At times, we delay the start of our Local Paddle Group and chat on the side lines while waiting for Mother Nature to blow through.

I have paddled many times alone and enjoyed the solitude of the paddle. Being on the water alone does increase the risk. As we all know, accidents occur and the timing always catches us by surprise. Paddling with a group helps reduce issues that may occur with paddling alone.

Since I started the local paddle group, it has provided a paddle partner for everyone that has joined. I am happy to say that I have met some very lovely people in our group. If you want to join our group, email me at paddle@diningwithmimi.com. Our group has zero fees, meetings or obligations, it’s all about the paddle.

Over time, I hope to plan paddle trips to unique places to paddle. I am happy to have the bay close to where I live so that I am able to paddle after work. Paddling is a perfect way to relieve the stress of the day while you watch the sunset dip down. Paddle and play is a perfect way to end a day. Meet us at the beach, if your game.

Sunset view of Paddle Local Paddle Group www.diningwithmimi.com
Paddle out and view sun as it dips down

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8 thoughts on “Local Paddle Group”

  1. I would love to get involved! I recently purchased a sea kayak, and I’ve been looking for a group to paddle with. When is your next paddle?

    1. We are paddling from Fairhope Municipal Beach at 9am weather permitting. Drive past the guard shack and park to your left. We depart the beach at 9am. Kayaks and boards welcome. See you on the beach.

    2. Lauren, I apologize I only just noticed this comment. We paddle twice a week as a minimum. We are leaving from Fairhope Municipal Beach at 9am Saturday. Then we typically paddle on Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm for a sunset paddle. Please feel free to join. If you have any questions, my email is paddle@diningwithmimi.com I hope to see you soon

    1. Absolutely! We would love to have you. We already have a kayak in our group. The boards and kayaks work well together in the water. A few more have reached out that plan to join in the future. Join the sunset paddle tomorrow depart from Fairhope Beach at 6:30 until sunset. (weather permitting)

      I look forward to meeting you.

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