Wine, Women, Pork Roast and Anson Mills

Table setting on porch Wine, Women, Pork Roast and Anson Mills

Cooking this week joined wine, women, pork roast and Anson Mills. Happy to host two guest chefs to aid in preparing a lunch using ancient grain products from Anson Mills.  Our trio would prepare a lunch, sip champagne and play around with Anson Mill’s products.

As host I organized the roast and whipped up Never Fail Spirited Fig Pecan Bundt Cake. Day Trader introduced us to Anson mills, provided flour, Sea Island Red Peas and Carolina Gold Rice Grits. Sunshine gave us a front row seat to biscuit making with her special rolling-pin AKA weapon which has a story and deserves a post all on its own.

A lunch filled with Wine, Women, Pork Roast and Anson Mills

Being a Southern girl, I know how to eat biscuits but I have never learned the art of making a great biscuit. Vividly I remember my Dad referring to my youthful biscuit attempts as rocks. Sadly I have used frozen biscuits ever since. Certainly time to learn from a biscuit maker master using new products.

Flour for biscuits, Sea Island Red Peas and  Carolina Gold Rice Grits purchased from Anson Mills provided ancient grains that deliver a truly unique offering. Glenn Roberts is the founder and visionary of Anson Mills. Clearly Glenn has a love affair with the land, food and history of gifts from the soil.


Glenn mastering patience of Job to investigate, research and develop products that pale in comparison to grocery store offerings qualifies as extreme. I am in awe of the strength required to start an adventure that surely felt like moving a mountain with a teaspoon. Surely even he had doubts at times that his food adventure would turn out as well. Pretty sure he ran into a few naysayers. Following his passions led him to his dreams.

Bag of Carolina Gold Rice Grits from Anson Mils WIne, Women, Roast and Anson Mills
“Handmade mill goods from organic heirloom grains”

Anson Mills offers “promise of pleasure—pleasure in the fine flavors of grains and vegetables produced with an eye to the integrity of cuisine and the integral character of farming.”  A trip to Anson’s website will give more information on Glenn’s journey, products available for sale and recipes. It is important to note web site provides an extensive amount of information on cooking methods and should be followed until you have developed a “working feel” for the product.

Our trio worked well in the kitchen providing our lunch.  Day Trader cooked her Sea Island Red Peas the day before. Sunshine and I watched  Day Trader  cook rice grits using Anson Mills  method with intrigue.  New method but well worth the added effort. Next, I can’t wait to make fluffy rice grits for gumbo and a host of other favorites.

Browned Pork Roast with au jus Wine, Women Roast and Anson Mills www.
Delicious roast cooked in my Instant Pot. I will post recipe in a couple of days.

Since  Granny drilled in the Waste Not Want Not in my head often enough, I look for ways to use left overs and re-purpose items. Believe it or not, but I had leftover red wine to use while cooking my roast.  Our lunch provided a great time to use the Instant Pot for the roast so that I could brown, add magic and walk away.  Walk away and sip champagne, not a bad gig.

Cooking with my guest chefs provided ample  laughs, catching up  girl time and education. In addition, I loved learning about the Anson Mills products. Next week I will place an order and start testing products  to use.


Supporting companies like Anson Mills  that protect environment, protect our food sources, and focus on quality are important. As a collective group with our purchases we influence corporations. This influence should encourage  smarter decisions in how they handle farming, protect and prepare our food sources. Corporations respond to our buying decisions or lack thereof. What message are you sending with your purchases?



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