Southern Zipper Peas and More From Mimi’s Table

This season is a great time to mix up the menu and try a few new recipes. Please use Southern Zipper Peas and More from Mimi’s Table as a guide. My recipes are easy for anyone to cook. Whether you find cooking a joy or a pain, it is always good to try something new. Be adventurous with your cooking.

Is cheeseburgers on your menu?

Not long ago my Bonus Mom suggested that we cook cheeseburgers instead of making a big fuss. Smiling first at the thought of putting my feet up while Grill Man organized the grill, I thought about it for a minute. I replied that her son and others would rebel if cornbread dressing and pecan pie went MIA. My Bonus Mom’s Pecan Pie needs it’s own James Beard Award. (Recipe under the dessert section)

Even I know she loves cheeseburgers. Although it was all about making sure that we didn’t make a fuss. Yet, even when I tire myself out in the kitchen, I am where I want to be. Cooking is a labor of love that I enjoy sharing with my family and friends. Hopefully Southern Zipper Peas and more from Mimi’s table will help with a few suggestions to make your dining table special.

Having guests over may add to your list of duties. Early planning will help you reduce kitchen mayhem. As you know Mr. Mayhem only arrives when you need him the least and company is heading your way. One of my latest recipes will come in handy because it is best prepared days in advance so that the flavors blend. If you like coleslaws or marinated salads, you will enjoy this recipe.

Company's coming Premade Steeped Side Salad

Easy Make Ahead Side Dishes From Scratch

Entertaining for family or friends is one of my joys. Along with it of course is a lot of extra work but it is worth it. Set aside time to dine slowly with your loved ones and enjoy real conversations. Start a revolution, have everyone leave their phone in the car. What? Is it possible?

Recently, I watched a movie about three adult children returning home for the holidays and the drama that usually ensues in “some homes”. This movie included standard sibling rivalry, aging parents, grandchildren running amok and other chaotic events. If this scene creates dejavu for you , even to the point of secretly desiring proof of your adoption papers. My plan would be to feed them well and have adult beverages on hand.

At least while you share a meal you may find something in common. Entire dinner party conversations could surround the safety of food talking points. From the local food sourcing and farms to the complexities of the wine served. While dining ask everyone to share their favorite food memory or favorite dish and latest food love.

Food is something that we should be able to agree on without coming to blows. Stay away from politics, covid, and other long standing taboo family topics. I certainly could curate a conversation around food. Food is a safe subject, right?

Antique platter and soup tureen filled with Old Southern Rice Dressing
Delicious new side for your holiday table

Desserts just make us happy

No dinner table is complete without dessert. Desserts just make us happy. Whether you let them eat cake, brownies, pie or cookies you will need a sweet treat. Desserts are another great recipe to bake ahead of event and set aside. All your best days should include dessert even if it’s only a kiss.

Never Fail Spirited Italian Rossa Bundt Cake
Drizzling Buttery Glaze from Antique mini pitcher for Never Fail Spirited Italian Rossa Bundt Cake
Photo of Southern Pies and Florals in Cigar Box
Southern Pies you should make soon

If chocolate is your love, the dessert category has several options for you to bake and serve. Top dessert off with a side of ice cream, coffee and Kahlua and call it a day.

Southern Zipper Peas and More from Mimi’s Table is only an sampling of the many choices listed on the site. Review the archives to see what you may have missed. If there is something that you would like to see in the future, please let me know.

Southern Comfort Oh That Chocolate Pie
Southern Comfort Oh That Chocolate Pie
Serve dessert on platter for Nutty Fudgy Indulgent Pecan Bar

My new mascot and New Year’s Menu

Equally my new mascot and New Years Menu is all I need to start 2020 off in fine style. Until recently, I had no idea that I even needed a mascot. Maybe the artist Fred Marchman knew I needed a mascot when he sold me this painting. Then Men-nu wandered into my life, a loving gorgeous creature with smoky green eyes. Could I? Would I? Should I? Yet how could I say no?

Continue reading “My new mascot and New Year’s Menu”

Southern Recipes-Dining With Mimi

Are you still looking for a recipe plan for your family dinner? Then look no further than Southern Recipes-Dining With Mimi. Southern recipes on my list are clearly some of my favorite dishes to serve my family and friends. Recipes that tend to remind you of a certain time and space with longing. Continue reading “Southern Recipes-Dining With Mimi”

Plan a wine tasting with friends

Food and wine fall under the pleasures of life to enjoy. Whether your group of friends fall under the wine connoisseurs or “Wine for Dummies”  host a tasting . Plan a wine tasting with friends to share a relaxed evening enjoying wine and food wrapped around the desire to learn more about wine. Continue reading “Plan a wine tasting with friends”

Throw a party Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Throw a party Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Now is the time to plan a sneak attack on friends and celebrate in style. A question that I hear often  refers to “how to entertain?” It really boils down to planning, quality mix of good friends, cocktails and food. Trust me your friends care less if your house passes a white glove test. Don’t turn into a  hoarder or stop cleaning. Just forget about being perfect. Perfection is a goal but how many of your friends are perfect? Continue reading “Throw a party Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler”

Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food

Happy Sharing! Love, friends, family and food. I am thankful  for all the special times that I have been able to capture. All of the tiny moments add up to  joyful memories that I label as priceless. Continue reading “Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food”

Make ahead Beach Menu- Freeze Transport

Make ahead beach Menu? Freeze, transport and then relax. If your  planning a week at the beach for your teenagers and young adults, take  a look at my suggested beach menu. A menu that allows for each person to have easy access and quick re-heating. In short, less time in the kitchen for you and more beach time with your family.  Remember, it’s your vacation, too! Continue reading “Make ahead Beach Menu- Freeze Transport”

Family and the new Baby

Garden View early in the morning with trees and azaleas blooming
Enjoy the early morning quiet before you guests stir about.

Oh my, how time flies when you’re having fun. It has been a whirlwind over the last week with family visiting. Our group hailed in from Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana to visit our little corner of paradise. Actually, it really was all about meeting the baby and Super-baby meeting all of us. A baby breathes new life and shares it with the rest of us. Continue reading “Family and the new Baby”

Painting in Tutus Party

Painting in Tutu's Party- Little Girl concept party
Princess-in-Training studying her art work

Have you ever been to a Painting in Tutu’s Party? Me neither. This is the best party idea for young girls, ever. I wish that I could lay claim to the creation, preparation, or even any of the food. My cousin Curly-locks is the genius behind this princess-approved-creative-paint-party. Continue reading “Painting in Tutus Party”