Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event for Music

Live at Five is “The Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event” for Music. Tip Tops will play Halstead Amphitheater today in Fairhope. If you have missed this location for a Live at Five event, check it out. Venue is a great spot to bring family and children of all ages.

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Musicophiles Act Now for Gulfport Live Music

I think that Woodstock may be the most famous of all music festivals held in the US. In 1969, it drew 500,000 people to a small town for “3 days of Peace and Music”. Truly, the event had to leave fans with an experience like no other. Any adventurous music lover that failed to attend has this listed as a top regret. Musicophiles act now for Gulfport live music.

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Mimi’s Tips to Navigate 30aSongwriters Festival 2020

Yes you blew it if you missed 30aSongwriters Festival in January. Fear not you will have another opportunity and months to plan. Mimi’s Tips to Navigate 30a Songwriters Festival 2020 will help lead the way.

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Mimi’s Take on Fairhope Film Festival

Clearly I adore our quaint little town and all that surrounds it. What’s not to love? Small, fairly quiet, located near the water, filled with lovely people, cool spots and everything needed within your grasp. The icing on the cake is the strong arts community and all its varied branches. One branch that deserves a look,  Mimi’s Take on Fairhope Film Festival. Continue reading “Mimi’s Take on Fairhope Film Festival”

Join Fairhope Paddle Group

Join Fairhope Paddle Group for our Summer weekly paddles in Mobile Bay. Bring your board or kayak and meet us on the beach. No fees. No drama. Jus’ paddlin’. Continue reading “Join Fairhope Paddle Group”

Fairhope’s White Linen Night Event

Eastern Shore Art Center is hosting Fairhope’s White Linen Night Event on May 17th.  May is a perfect time to show off your crisp white linen while sharing a libation and listening to music. Eastern Shore Art Center is working hard to deliver a fun-filled event for your pleasure. Continue reading “Fairhope’s White Linen Night Event”

Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event

Trio of little girls and others enjoying the show at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Adorable Roman Street fans enjoying the music.

Live at Five is my new favorite hip Fairhope outdoor event. Great weather, cool Concert Series and awesome amphitheater. Perfect event for all ages. Lovely way to spend an afternoon with your friends in a small or large group. Event is held at Halstead Amphitheater on campus of Coastal Alabama Community College. Continue reading “Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event”

Soulful Sounds From Fairhope Alabama With Jimmy Lumpkin And The Revivals

Have you missed the soulful sounds from Fairhope Alabama with Jimmy Lumpkin and The Revivals?  Did I hear you say who? What? In short, you missed it! You totally blew a great opportunity to hear the  rich voice of Jimmy Lumpkin and The Revivals. Continue reading “Soulful Sounds From Fairhope Alabama With Jimmy Lumpkin And The Revivals”

Springing into Mobile with Comic Cowboys

Springing into Mobile with Comic Cowboys www.diningwithmimi.com
What is wrong with this picture?

Springing into Mobile with Comic Cowboys will make a girl pause, gasp, smile and wonder. Cartoons elicit a myriad of responses depending on the reader.  Comic Cowboys have been launching comic spins pulled from news, local and national politics. Subjects include current events that we wish were fiction and darker corners left untidy. Continue reading “Springing into Mobile with Comic Cowboys”

Local Wine Tasting Event

During a busy week I managed to squeeze in a local wine tasting event in Fairhope in lieu of Napa.  A six-course wine and tasting menu designed to lure you. A deal at $20 per tasting.  Wine offered  a perfect response to my thirst. Food pairings offered a bite to tempt you. My friends were a perfect pairing for the local wine tasting and welcome sight near the end of my workday. Continue reading “Local Wine Tasting Event”